Lowe, Rachael

Lowe, Rachael
United Kingdom
Rachael is a trustee of the Physiopedia charity, CEO of Physiopedia Plus, and co-founder of both. The Physiopedia project has the ambitious goal of providing access to all physiotherapy knowledge to improve global health. Physiopedia is now the largest and most popular physiotherapy website, it has developed and delivered the world's largest open access physiotherapy courses and the project's activities are supported by a vibrant and growing community of supporters and contributors. Physiopedia Plus compliments this open access resource by offering an online platform that provides continuing education and professional development opportunities for physiotherapists as well as a platform for topic specialists to share knowledge globally.

Prior to co-founding Physiopedia, Rachael practised as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist culminating with her own group of physiotherapy clinics. In 2006 Rachael began working with new technology to provide online solutions for physiotherapists and other health care professionals, and continues to innovate in this area today. Rachael regularly speaks about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for advancing physiotherapy services globally.