Sudmann, Tobba

Sudmann, Tobba

Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann is affiliated the Department of Health and Functioning at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences as a full professor of public health. 

 Publications last 5 years (30+) includes edited special issues, articles and book chapters on community work, welfare technology and aged care, e-health, prioritization of health care, public health, equine-facilitated physiotherapy, addiction problems, anti-oppressive practice and micro-aggression. Prof. Sudmann has given more than 50 invited talks. Recent publications in English are Equine-facilitated physiotherapy – devised encounters with daring and compassion and Ultra Wide Band Radar Monitoring of movements in homes of elderly and disabled people: A health care perspective. Prof. Sudmann has headed projects on welfare services on farms; day activities for home-dwelling persons with dementia; equine-facilitated activities/physiotherapy. Current research interests are related to well-being and social participation, whether the means are physical activity, technology, nature or animals. The research lens is comprised of critical hermeneutics, critical ethnography and micro-sociology.

 Prof. Sudmann has 10 years of clinical practice from a university hospital in neurology/neuro surgery as a Bobath physiotherapist, and 6 years as head of Department of physiotherapy at the hospital. Currently she holds an adjunct position in equine-facilitated physiotherapy.