Lindsay, Fiona

Lindsay, Fiona
United Kingdom

Fiona has worked in the NHS, Tibetan and Burmese refugee and migrant settlements, Indian clinics, Georgian orphanages and on hundreds of wilderness endurance events/expeditions. Founding Athletes Angels Ltd and Matterhorn Medical Ltd (medical/physio providers for events and expeditions). Fiona then initiated Developing Physio (DP) in 2012 winning the British ADAPT award.

“DP is supported by a global team of qualified physiotherapists and communities with the shared aim of providing rehabilitation to those who would otherwise receive none. Teaching physios travel out with modules (eg paediatrics, MSK, burns, SCI, CVA, amputees) to empower communities in their own rehabilitation.  All modules have built-in clinical reasoning written by specialist senior physios.  Modules are non-linguistic, using intuitive graphic sequences that walk the student through assessment and diagnosis stages to predict a treatment plan.” 


Fiona grew up in Britain, Germany, Hong Kong and Canada and through her own expeditions (eg the Everest Marathon, ultra-marathons, Polar expeditions and solo bike expeditions) she brings her experiences of Africa, the Arctic, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Burma,Thailand and Cambodia to DP.  Having lived in Asia she is now a mother in Scotland, working on DP, with passion to support those in need to reach beyond their potential.