Endeshaw, Belaynew Adugna

Endeshaw, Belaynew Adugna

Belaynew Adugna is a physiotherapist in Ethiopia with 10 years of clinical and academic experience in the field of physiotherapy. He earned masters of public health (MPH) and master’s degree in physiotherapy Bahir Dar and Mekelle University respectively. Working in a challenging situation and solving community problems, especially in children and women’s health is most interesting for him.He believed that physiotherapy is on its infancy period in Ethiopia and a lot is expected from him in promoting the profession and reducing the burden of the community.

One of his personal achievements is that he succeeded in opening a physiotherapy department in Bahir Dar university (3rdUniversity in Ethiopia). He is one of the founder of One Love Day Service Center (non-profitable therapeutic center for profoundly disabled children).

After he attended women’s health educationtraining, he realized that women’s health was neglected by most of physiotherapists in Ethiopia. So he takes the initiative to develop a project that can help women’s suffering from musculoskeletal problems throughout the country. Currently he is lecturer and headof physiotherapy department in Bahir Dar University.

You can reach him at:

Belaynew Adugna Endeshaw (MPH, MPT)

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Phone = +251910576016

e-mail = [email protected]