Rey-Mermier, Coralie

Rey-Mermier, Coralie
After passing the Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Physiotherapy (2005), Coralie started working at the same time as a teaching assistant in the HEdS Geneva- Switzerland where she graduated from, and as a clinician in different private practices during several years. Following a period of voluntary work in the physiotherapy out-patient department of Kathmandu Model Hospital (Nepal) then in the orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity (Burundi) both as a physiotherapist, Coralie engaged in humanitarian missions, joining the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2009. Greatly experienced in amputees management within Physical Rehabilitation Centres, she has been working these last years in several armed conflict and other situations of violence settings such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Occupied Territories (Gaza), Iraq, North Korea and Syria where she is currently based for more than 18 months, until May 2019. 

Recent conference presentation as a speaker includes the Physical Rehabilitation Activities in the North Africa and Middle East region (Launch day of the war surgery report - Beirut, December 2018) emphasizing the place of physiotherapy in the continuous multidisciplinary care addressing the needs of the weapon and sick wounded people.