Gojanovic, Boris

Gojanovic, Boris

Doctor Boris Gojanovic is the Health & Performance Medical Director at The Swiss Olympic Medical Centre, Hôpital de la Tour, Geneva. He was previously (2012 to 2015) the Head of Sports Medicine at the Swiss Federal Institute for Sports.

His many roles include care of elite athletes and active people, education in sports science & medicine, research and development activities. 

He is a recognized leader and speaker in SEM in Switzerland and internationally, the editor of The Swiss Sports and Exercise Medicine journal and a board member for the Swiss Sports Medicine Society.

He organized and chaired the Young Athletes Forum in 2017, an international conference on youth and sports, and is involved in many undergraduate and professional education programs.

His peer-reviewed publications span across return to play, exercise physiology, cardiovascular screening and injury prevention.

The importance of knowledge translation and interdisciplinarity in healthcare are core concerns of his and he is widely present on different types of media.