Waller, Ben

Waller, Ben

Ben’s is a physiotherapist and Senior researcher from the Faculty of Sport and Health Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His recent PhD thesis investigated the effected the effect of aquatic resistance training on the biochemical composition of tibiofemoral cartilage, body composition and function in women with mild knee osteoarthritis. He has a number of peer-reviewed publications on the effects of aquatic exercise on different populations including four systematic reviews and several published randomized controlled trials. His current research interests are investigating the effects of immersion and aquatic exercise on the neuromuscular and cardiovascular system. Ben is passionate about optimizing prescription of aquatic exercise for different clinical outcomes and health benefits.

Ben has a 15-year clinical background specializing in musculoskeletal, sports injuries and orthopedics and has experience working with some of Finland’s elite athletes. He currently works in the Jyväskylä Sports Academy focusing on prevention and optimal early management of injuries in young athletes. Ben is a respected lecturer and clinical educator in the field of aquatic therapy and exercise. He completed his BSc (Hons) degree in physiotherapy in 2001, graduating from the University of Brighton and graduated from University of Jyväskylä in 2010 with MSc in Health Sciences.