de Jong, Jacqueline Helena

de Jong, Jacqueline Helena

Jacqueline de Jong, Physical Therapist, MSc, cand PhD 

Jacqueline de Jong is head of the Master of science in pelvic physiotherapy (SOMT University CH), researcher on the Urology Department of the University of Bern. She was awarded her MSc on the efficacy of vibration training in women with stress urinary incontinence. Her PhD is evaluating the role of involuntary PFM-function during IAP-rise: 2015 Neurourol Urodyn; de Jong J, van Kampen M, Junginger B, Bloch K, Zwahlen M, Burkhard F; Is there a difference in the abdominal and pelvic floor muscle response during coughing and forced expiration in healthy nulliparous subjects?  2017 ICS Abstract 186, de Jong J, Geraerts I, van Kampen M, Zemp R, Burkhard F; Validity of clinical assessment tools to evaluate involuntary PFMC during coughing. She is involved in ongoing clinical research trials, evaluating multitask functional control of the PFM in geriatric patients with UI. Presentations and Workshops at national and international conferences, board member of Pelvisuisse and the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Blasenschwäche. Her clinical caseload focuses on the rehabilitation of patients with complex pelvic floor disorders,