Implicit bias (SEM-04)

Saturday 11 May 2019, 16:00-17:30
Room E
Implicit bias: what is it and how does it manifest in the physiotherapy profession?


This seminar will broadly define implicit bias and introduce ways in which it manifests in physiotherapy community as it relates to workplace hierarchies and interacting with individuals who have characteristics that may receive bias (e.g. being overweight, disabled, non-heteronormative, gender-diverse, mental health issues, socially devalued diagnosis). Attendees will learn what implicit bias is and then reflect upon how their own implicit biases may manifest in their practice setting. General strategies for identifying and working to reduce our implicit biases will be discussed.


  1. To increase the awareness of what implicit bias is and how it impacts physiotherapy practice
  2. To explore ways in which implicit bias may manifest within workplace hierarchies and interacting with individuals that are overweight, disabled, of a non-heteronormative gender, or have mental health issue
  3. To present a general framework for identifying and working with ones own implicit biases