Co-production: long-term conditions (SEM-01)

Saturday 11 May 2019, 10:45-12:15
Room E
Improving physiotherapy by co-production for persons living with long-term conditions


This seminar focuses on co-production in physiotherapy practice and the co-constructive learning processes in this professional development. Co-production between physiotherapists and persons with chronic disease exists, but needs to be further acknowledged. Examples and discussions show how coproduction can be used in clinical practice to improve quality of physiotherapy service and how persons with chronic diseases want to be involved. The seminar will define the concepts of co-production as well as co-constructive learning processes. Co-production is about involving patients as equals and this seminar will involve input from persons with patient experience. We will bring forward clinical and management perspectives of coproduction in physiotherapy and show how co-production can meet present and future demands of rehabilitation needs from the population in various contexts.


  1. Define and explore the concepts of co-production and co-constructive learning processes
  2. Identify ways to use co-production in clinical practice
  3. Discuss how co-production can support present and future demands of rehabilitation needs