What is Indaba?

Indaba is a meeting and inspiration zone within the exhibition hall. It was introduced at WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town and takes inspiration from the tradition of gatherings and meetings in Africa. Delegates may wander in and out of the Indaba space at any time, or gather on the perimeter, to listen to what is happening. The Indaba space is more informal than other conference rooms and aims to break down language barriers and the distinction between ‘speaker’ and ‘delegate’.

Most of the content for the Indaba space will be pre-planned, but there will be limited space for delegates to suggest content for the Indaba during congress.

Indaba formats

There are two formats for an Indaba session:

  • Kitchen table discussion will explore a range of issues led by a facilitator and may include additional contributors sitting with the audience
  • Points of view discussion will allow for short talks and exchanges with the audience, drawing on their experiences.

These two formats will allow Indaba presenters to share their experiences in one of the following three types of sessions. Most Indaba sessions will be short lasting approximately 15 – 30 mins.

  • Got a problem to solve? Harness the power of global thinking to address local challenges and use the collective experience of delegates to help find solutions to a local problem.
  • My light-bulb moment. Has there been a pivotal event that has impacted your professional life? What can we all learn from it?
  • Get on the soapbox in your preferred language. You may prefer to discuss a topic or issue in your own language. 

Watch the testimonials from WCPT 2017 Indaba presenters to get an idea on what it means to deliver an Indaba session:

Charlotte Chruzander (Sweden)
Fernanda Ribeiro (Canada) - French
Ina Diener (South Africa)
Pamela Hansford (South Africa)