Behaviour change (DS-10)

Discussion session
Monday 13 May 2019, 10:45-12:15
Room C
Are the words adherence, compliance and concordance now disreputable? - Establishing sustainable behaviour change with physical therapy


As part of the physical therapy intervention, individuals may be expected to change their behaviour in relation to physical activity, treatment adherence and self-management. What are the most successful approaches to ensure patients stick to the exercise regime and do not give up? Is the expectation of “adherence” pejorative or does the right to self-determination mean a different approach is required? Should we rather, as physical therapists be supporting patients to develop their skills and self-efficacy to self-manage their long term condition.


  1. Introduce theories underpinning behaviour change
  2. Explore strategies to improve treatment engagement and self-management
  3. Discuss barriers and facilitators to successful behaviour change