Wordly translation service

Translation service: How to access Wordly translation during livestream sessions

Adding languages on Windows

Which sessions have the translation service?

The translation service is available for all live sessions, except for World Café and Networking sessions.

Please note the translation service is only available during the live congress days and will not be available when watching a session on demand.

How do I activate the translation service?

  • Click on the live session. There will be a translate button above the video player. Click on this button and a new browser window will open.

  • Select the language you wish to see the presentation transcription in and listen to the audio translation.
  • Do not change the presenter code
  • Enter name (optional)
  • Click Join

  • Now that Wordly is open, resize the web browser window to sit next to the online congress platform.
  • To start listening, click on the red speaker icon to unmute. To mute again, click on the speaker icon.

  • To only listen to the Wordly audio, mute the audio in the online congress platform by sliding the volume control in the bottom right hand corner completely to the left. 

  • When you are finished using Wordly, click on the Red X
    • At this point, you will be prompted to Leave or Cancel
    • If you choose Leave you will be shown a dialog box indicating The Presentation has ended
  • If you choose Cancel, you will return to the Wordly session