Yokoyama, Misako

Yokoyama, Misako
Misako Yokoyama, RPT, PhD (Medicine) [PROFESSION] 1. Pediatric Physical Therapist for Infants, Toddlers and Adolescents with Cardiopulmonary or/and Neuromotor Dysfunction; focus on children at acute stage. 2. Representative committee of Japanese Society of Pediatric Physical Therapy (JSPPT) [EXPERIENCE] 2006-Present Kitasato University: Lecture in pediatric and ‪ Prosthetics, Orthotics‬ , Child Developmental Center Sagamihara (Adolescents with Neuromotor Dysfunction)‬‬‬‬‬ 1986-1991, 2001- Present Kitasato University Hospital (ie: Infants, Toddlers with Cardiopulmonary or/and Neuromotor Dysfunction)
 [EDUCATION] Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Medicine: Department of Cardio-angiology, Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Sciences Master of Science (MS): International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School Diploma in Medical Care: Tokyo Eisei Gakuen Callege [RESEACH PAPER] 1. Misako Yokoyama, Respiratory physical therapy for pediatric respiratory disorders. Physical therapy(Japanease) 35(1),56-63,2018. 2. Misako Yokoyama, Respiratory physical therapy for children considering pathology and life. Japanese Society of Pediatric Pulmonology 28(1),139-143,2017. [RESEACH PROJECT] 1. The integrated study of complications of obese children. 2. Is it really necessary to have the experience of rollover and crawling in infancy? Toward elucidation and prevention of locomotor disorders. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)