Bainbridge, Donna

Bainbridge, Donna
United States
Dr. Bainbridge has been a physical therapist since 1967.  She received her Bachelor and Doctoral degrees from Boston University, her Master’s from University of North Carolina where she also became an athletic trainer.  She has worked in many aspects of the physical therapy profession including patient care, program development and research.  She was Director of Practice at American Physical Therapy Association from 1999-2002.  She has taught at many universities and presented nationally and internationally.  She has directed grants on Fitness-Wellness for persons with IDD for University of Montana and Special Olympics.  She has worked in fitness with specialty in pediatrics and geriatrics. She has written articles and book chapters on these topics.
Donna has been Special Olympics Global Clinical Advisor for Fitness since 2001, coordinating global development of fitness assessment and programming, and training physical therapists to host the FUNfitness screening in their countries.  She coordinates the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Network for Intellectual and Developmental Disability and is on the Steering Committee for Health Promotion in Life and Work Network. 
In addition to her online teaching in The Health Aspects of Aging for University of Montana, she consultants at the University of Montana Rural Institute.