Kohut, Susan

Kohut, Susan
New Zealand
I am Susan Kohut, and I have been practicing acupuncture and trigger point dry needling within my physiotherapy clinical practice for nearly 30 years. Acupuncture and related needling skills has given my 'physiotherapy' a vibrancy and energy, needling and physiotherapy very work well together!
I first studied acupuncture in the United Kingdom, and then undertook further study in New Zealand, culminating in a Master of Health Science in Acupuncture. I am undertaking Doctoral level acupuncture studies using Foucauldian discourse analysis to examine the historical movements of acupuncture in medicine/allied healthcare in New Zealand. 
My acupuncture-related employment is as a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) where I teach on the Postgraduate Western Medical Acupuncture papers. I am also a tutor for the Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association of New Zealand (PAANZ).
With colleagues, we are surveying the New Zealand physiotherapy population on whether they acupuncture or dry needle in practice, and I recently have been involved in a large systematic review on acupuncture effectiveness on musculoskeletal conditions  https://www.acc.co.nz/assets/research/dc1104f788/aerg-consensus-acupuncture-musculoskeletal-conditions.pdf
At the Singapore WCPT Congress in 2015 I became the secretary of IAAPT, and I plan to continue in this role unless somebody wants to take the role at the forthcoming IAAPT AGM!.