Shashua, Anat

Shashua, Anat

Anat Shashua is a Research and Quality Coordinator of the Physical Therapy Department at Clalit Health Services, the largest Health Care Organization in Israel, and Involved in the development of professional and innovative projects. Her clinical and research specialization are mainly focused on musculo-skeletal disorders. She received her Master degree from Ben-Gurion University at the physical therapy department, and her PhD at the Public Health Department, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Her recent studies dealt with low back pain, including clinical trials and data based research. These days, she is leading a major randomized control trial concerning fall prevention. As part of her research and developmental role, she is engaged in digital enabled informatics advancement.

Anat had presented her studies in several conferences in Israel and previous WCPT congresses in Cape Town and Geneva. During performing her duty, she received an Excellence Award from Clalit Health Services for her contribution to progression of research in physical therapy. Recently, Anat was appointed as a member at the Helsinki ethical committee.