Jalovcic, Djenana

Jalovcic, Djenana
Djenana Jalovcic is an Education Professional Adviser at World Physiotherapy and Associate Professor at Department of Health and Functioning at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). Since early 1990’s she has worked as an inclusive development practitioner, educator, policy advisor and researcher. She has led disability and rehabilitation international projects in over 15 countries. Currently, she is a co-investigator in Physiotherapy and Refugee Education Project, an Erasmus+ collaborative project led by HVL. Her recent publications included editorials she co-wrote with her colleagues on physiotherapy and refugees as well as on impact of COVID-19 on physiotherapy and rehabilitation services and education. As a World Physiotherapy member of Global Task Force on Physiotherapist Education, she contributes to the World Physiotherapy COVID-19 briefing papers on the impact of the pandemic on education, practice, and advocacy issues. 

Djenana has a doctorate in education - online education, from Athabasca University, Canada, and master’s degrees in rehabilitation science - disability in the community, and public administration - health policy and management, both from Queen’s University, Canada. Djenana volunteers with a number of non-governmental organizations at home and abroad, including the Canadian chapter of Women in Global Health. She lives in Canada.