Session types

Focused symposia

These are key sessions at congress. Each focused symposium is chaired by a recognised expert in the field. The chair leads a group of speakers, drawn from World Physiotherapy’s regions, through a series of linked, evidence-based and internationally relevant presentations. Question time with the audience explores the issues raised and the chair concludes by drawing together key take-home messages and implications for practice.

Discussion sessions

Participants are given the opportunity to explore hot topics with leaders in the field. Sessions start with brief introductory comments by the chair, followed by short statements by panel speakers and questions from the audience, with plenty of opportunity for lively debate, before concluding comments from the chair.


Seminars offer an engaging way to have in-depth discussions on particular topics. Delivered by a diverse panel, the seminars focus on topics related to physiotherapy practice, research, education, management or professional issues. They are often built around a case study.

World Physiotherapy seminars

Designed to introduce and engage participants with aspects of the organisation’s work, or address specific professional issues of global interest.

Networking sessions

An informal opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues who share common interests. The chair opens and guides discussions, which often take place in small groups. All sessions consider how to continue communication after the congress. Sessions may also be facilitated in languages other than English.

Platform abstract presentations

There are two types: 

  •  State of the art: 12-minute platform presentations from the highest quality cutting edge abstracts that are likely to influence practice.
  •  Classic: platform presentations lasting eight minutes

Participants can search platform presentations by keywords and topic areas.

ePoster presentations

ePoster presentations will be grouped by topic. Participants can search the ePosters by keywords and topic areas.

A select number will be identified as state of the art ePosters from the highest quality cutting edge abstracts that are likely to influence practice.


Course providers have adapted their content to deliver a one-hour workshop ensuring with content relevant to daily practice in physiotherapy.


These sessions aim to inspire and provide ‘food for thought’, and may support discussions in different languages.

In conversation with...

Listen to stories and experiences that have influenced the lives of key people and how these experiences are shaping and advancing physiotherapy practice. This session will explore topics identified by participants. 

Highlights of the day

Join us at the end of each day as we look back on the day’s highlights and what you can catch up with on-demand.

Industry workshops

An opportunity to listen to some cutting-edge thinking from the industry. Industry workshops will take place at the end of each congress day.