Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts for World Physiotherapy 2021 is now open and will close on 30 July 2020.

This is your opportunity to present to a global audience and showcase your research, developments, or innovations at the profession’s largest international congress. 

Abstracts are invited that:

  • report on the latest research with original scientific data [this includes systematic/narrative reviews and meta-analyses, however, submissions with pending results and study protocols will not be accepted]
  • address new and unique developments in practice, theory, education, management, policy, and resources
  • describe innovative ways in which established methods have been adapted to meet the changing needs of practice

Presentation format

Abstracts are presented either as a platform or poster presentation.

Platform presentations

There are three types of platform presentation:

  • State of the art: 12-minute platform presentations from the highest quality cutting edge abstracts that are likely to influence practice, with an 18-minute moderated discussion at the end led by a leader in the field
  • Classic: eight platform presentations of eight minutes, followed by three minutes for questions in each presentation
  • Rapid five: a platform presentation session of 10 abstracts each delivering key messages using no more than five slides in five minutes (5 x 5), with moderated discussion times

Poster presentations

  • Printed posters are changed daily and are grouped by topic within the poster area in the exhibition hall. Posters are displayed for one day during exhibition hours, with presenters attending their poster for 45 minutes for discussion with delegates.
  • E-posters are accessible through terminals in the exhibition hall, or a meeting room, throughout congress. E-poster presentations will be grouped by topic, and each presenter will be given a short presentation slot. Delegates can search the e-posters by keywords and topic areas.

In addition, electronic screens will be used for moderated poster discussions providing an opportunity for a chair to lead delegates through a small number of selected posters for discussion with presenters. Some will be facilitated in languages other than English.

Platform and poster presentations are considered by the congress programme committee (CPC) to be of equal standing and judged by the same criteria. Although you may indicate your preferred presentation format when submitting, there is limited space for platform presentations in the programme and many more posters can be accommodated. The decision of what format to assign to any abstract rests with the CPC.

How to submit an abstract

Each submission must be via the online submission system on the congress website.

All correspondence will be with the person who submits the abstract online. The presenting author does not have to be the first named author listed in the abstract.

Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your abstract.

A person may only present a maximum of two abstracts. They may be named as the presenting author on multiple submissions, but will only be permitted to be confirmed as the presenting author on two accepted abstracts. The confirmation system will permit a change of presenting author on accepted abstracts.

Selection criteria

Submitted abstracts will go through a blind peer-review process carried out by international reviewers. The following principles will be used to review abstracts.

  1. Does the report address a "significant" or "important" issue?
  2. Do the methods/approach enable the question to be answered rigorously?
  3. Have the data/findings been interpreted appropriately?
  4. Are the contents of the abstract clear and logical?

Additional resources for abstract submitters

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