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100% online tDPT Student Degree Programs & Educator Partnerships

A country’s societal health is correlated to the health professionals available to diagnose and treat the sick and impaired.  Rehab Essentials hopes to help improve accessibility for quality healthcare education globally.   Our online, budget-friendly tDPT student degree programs and educator partnerships are designed to provide continuing education and advance degrees for physiotherapists around the globe. 



Be Empowered.  Earn a transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy.





Maintain balance between life, work, and school while you earn a 100% online transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) degree from the University of Montana. You have 24/7 online access to your lessons and assignments when you are ready from virtually anywhere. And all with a budget-friendly tuition in just 20 – 30 months.




Throughout this post-professional program, you will gain advanced critical thinking and professional knowledge to apply the science and art of physiotherapy. In just 20 – 30 months, you can have your transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from an accredited university in the United States. You will be empowered to move your career forward and be better prepared to become a leader in physiotherapy.




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Move Forward. Progress Local PT Health Education






Providing access to continuing education and advanced degrees for providers is a crucial step to improving societal health. With our international health educator partnerships, we hope to continue to improve the ability and accessibility of quality healthcare globally.  Partnerships between Rehab Essentials and physiotherapy educators, organizations, or international universities are designed to improve continuing education and advanced degree level health education in their respective countries:



  • tDPT Endorsed Partners help provide physiotherapists in respective countries the opportunity to advance their professional education 100% online from an accredited university* in the US at a budget-friendly cost.
  • International University Partners blend their choice of online courses into their current curriculum to support advanced critical thinking, professional knowledge, and skills to apply the science and art of physiotherapy. A partnership with Rehab Essentials can help improve your alumni network, advance your regional societal health, and progress local health education.
  • Health Organization Partners support enhanced training and continuing education for their staff through online courses that can fit into your team’s schedule and your organization’s budget.


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* Accreditation is through the regional accreditation body, NWCCU. CAPTE does NOT accredit transitional or post professional DPT programs.




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